Our strategy

We are committed to helping address critical social, environmental and economic needs of marginalised and underprivileged sections of our communities. We do this by adopting a shared value approach to help solve problems, while strengthening our competitive advantage.




Skills & livelihoods

Trained (Till FY 23-24) 15,917 youth 
Target (FY 25) 200,000 youth

Public health

Reached (Till FY 23-24) Over 28.2 million people in 3 states
Target (FY 25) Reached 30 million people in 3 states

Waste management

Achieved (Till FY 23-24) 2,660 MT waste diverted from landfill
Target (FY 25-26) Transform waste management systems of 7 municipalities and divert over 5,000 MT of waste from landfills

Watershed management

Developed (Till FY 22-23) 1,778 hectares of land
Target (FY 24) Develop 3,234 ha of land


Godrej Global Volunteering Day

Godrej Global Volunteering Day

We volunteered to Make Science Fun for children in local schools, during our annual week of giving back.